Working Knowledge #41 Danielle James (DJ), Neon Artist

Working Knowledge #41 Danielle James (DJ), Neon Artist

Watch Working Knowledge #41 with Danielle James

Join us as we talk about neon, ethical metalsmiths, apprenticeships, endangered craft, classic glass, leaded glass, movies, empathy, Erin Younge, Emerge at PItt County Arts,  The Echo Project and “being a famous artist”.

Danielle chose the song “Best Life!” by Cheekface! for our Working Knowledge Playlist on Spotify. Check it out to hear this and all of the songs suggested by my guests.

Where to Find Danielle:
Instagram: @d_j_neon @hex.neon @neon_zoetrope

Some Of The Things We Talked About:

Rag and Bone Exhibition

Eureka Springs School of the Arts
The Echo Project

Quote- "making is an addiction" - Bob Ebendorf



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