Working Knowledge #44 Kristin Schoonover, Potter

Working Knowledge #44 Kristin Schoonover, Potter

Watch Working Knowledge #44 with Kristin Schoonover, Potter

Join us as Kristin and I talk about being maker mamas, craft guilds, hard questions, work evolutions, body of work, white clay and colored slip, having a studio that is open to the public and creating a business model that works for you.

Kristin chose the song “Hold On" by Wilson Phillips for our Working Knowledge Playlist on Spotify. Check it out to hear this and all of the songs suggested by my guests.

Where to Find Kristin:
Instagram: @krisbenyopottery
Facebook: @BenyoPottery

Some Of The Things We Talked About:
Pottery Making Illustrated Article
Harlem Wizards
Southern Highlands Craft Guild

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