Working Knowledge #35 Emily Rogstad Jewelry

Join us as Emily and I talk about making multiples and experimentation, setting parameters to expand creativity, being a jeweler, metalsmithing, Penland School of Crafts, all the paths we can take as makers, silver soldering, noting out days, widening our view, Marthe Le Van, Mora Collections, running and having an inquisitive studio practice.
Working Knowledge #35- episode link part 1 and part 2

Emily's song- "Heavy Feathers" by Jon Charles Dwyer

Emily's podcast- Oh no Ross and Carrie ( this is what she really listens to when she works)

Knowledge Playlist on Spotify

Where and how to find Emily-


Some of the things we talked about-

Maine College of Art

Penland School of Craft and the Core Fellow Program


1000 Rings

Kate Cole

Blowing Rock Art and History Museum (BRAHM), Metalsmiths of North Carolina


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