Piedmont Craftsmen Virtual Fair

Thank you for visiting my website as a part of the Piedmont Craftsmen Virtual Fair! I've participated in this fair for many years, and while it is certainly different, I am glad that we are all staying home, staying safe and supporting the local crafting community.

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November 20 & 21

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Special Events

I will be doing a live stream during the duration of the event, it's like walking into my booth a craft fair! I can show you around, you can ask me questions and I'll even be doing some live demos.
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Scheduled Events

Fri@ 11:00 Jewelry Preview ( Booth Central and IG LIVE)*                  
Fri@ 4:00 Jewelry Making DemoBooth Central and IG LIVE)*
Fri@ 7:30 Metal Mavens' Happy Hour (Facebook Live)
Sat@ 11:00 Jewelry Preview Booth Central and IG LIVE)*               
Sat@4:00 Jewelry Making DemoBooth Central and IG LIVE)* 

*Each of my live events this weekend (excluding MMHH) offers the opportunity to win a $25 gift card that can be used on my website to buy some lovely jewelry. 

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Air: Light as air and easy-to-wear, this collection plays with forms made out of sterling silver wire.

Arch: This collection focuses on the shape of the arch with bent sterling silver frames and semi-precious stones. 
Climb: Inspired by climbing, these pieces use negative space created by sterling silver frames to accentuate stunning stones. 
Forged: Heat, hammer, repeat. The Forged Collection uses the forging process to turn sterling silver into interesting and dynamic pieces that accentuate the stones they hold. 
Fragment: Using shapes found in crystal structures as inspiration, this diverse collection focuses on shapes with crisp edges and sparkling gemstones. 
Woman-Made Geodes:  A classic ESB collection, Woman-Made Geodes features pieces with round and rectangular shapes.
Limited Edition: This section holds pieces of jewelry that are standard in the ESB Jewelry repertoire, but made slightly differently or with a unique stone.
Signature Collection: Truly one-of-a-kind, show stopping items 

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